Grow Thick Eyebrows with Rogaine (Minoxidil)

Before and After Using Minoxidil Rogaine on Eyebrows

I so desired for thick eyebrows. Filling it in wasn’t doing it for me. Many of us are guilty of plucking too much eyebrow hair. Some of us don’t even have much to begin with. Being Chinese, I definitely didn’t have much to begin with.

I’m not a make up guru. I wish I were, but I’m not. I don’t have the patience to perfect the art of make up. Slowly and surely, but not the way make up gurus do. I can’t draw or fill in eyebrows the way some of y’all do. I wish I could. But what I’m doing now will suffice.

My eyebrows were thin. Heck, I didn’t even realize how thin they were until they grew out! And every time I look back, I think to myself I might as well have shaved them the way Jeffree Star does.Thin, overplucked eyebrows

My eyebrows were so thin and spare, filling them in was such a hassle. There was only so much I could do. If I were a pro, I would probably be able to fill them in and make them bigger. I ain’t no pro. I wish I were.

thin, overplucked eyebrows

Why Not Just Stop Plucking and Trimming?

In a way, I’ve attempted to do so. But my eyebrows were so thin and sparse, any time a hair spurted out of its follicle, it was by its lonesome self. It grew as far as it could from my existing eyebrows, and I would feel the need to pluck it.

If I didn’t trim my eyebrows, it would get too long and “droop” over. Asian eyebrows are stubborn, and with thin, sparse brows, eyebrow gel wasn’t going to hold it in place.

Solution #1

Biotin. I thought taking biotin would help grow out and give me thick eyebrows. I took it for a short awhile, and then decided to keep taking it since I wanted to grow out my hair faster.

The thing I realized with biotin is that it promotes hair, skin and nails to grow faster and healthier. But it doesn’t necessarily help you with regrowing hair, or in this case, eyebrow hair. But hey, who doesn’t want healthier hair, skin, and nails?

Solution #2

While I continued to take biotin, I also began to use minoxidil, or what everyone knows as Rogaine. This was magic. I mean, it didn’t give me thick eyebrows like anime cartoons or anything, but it worked. And compared to how my eyebrows were – they were pretty thick.

I’m going to go ahead and say use minoxidil at your own risk. I don’t want to be responsible for any accidents you may have trying to use minoxidil for your eyebrows. Yeah, I’m covering my own butt. With that being said, I’ll continue to share my experience with the product.

Patience is Key

Initially, there will be some hair loss/shedding. I personally didn’t notice much hair loss/shedding, but then again, I used it for my already sparse eyebrows. Either way, don’t be alarmed. Your hair follicles will “open up” and TA-DA! More hair!

I began to use minoxidil twice a day, every day, for about two months. I used a q-tip, dipped it in the bottle, and drew it along my eyebrows where I wanted it to grow. I re-dipped as needed.

I saw noticeable results after about one to two months. After two months, I only used it once a day, after my evening shower. Currently, I’m on my fifth month, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s going to be as thick as it’s going to get. At this time, I am using it to maintain my eyebrows.

Minoxidil Rogaine Eyebrows
Two Weeks
Minoxidil Rogaine Eyebrows
One Month
Minoxidil Rogaine Eyebrows
Two Months
Minoxidil Rogaine Eyebrows
Three Months
Minoxidil Rogaine Eyebrows
Five Months


Some Things I Learned

  • Be careful not put too much on the q-tip. Scrape some off along the inside rim of the bottle if needed. You can always dip for more and scrape as needed, but you don’t want to have too much on there and let it drip down your eyelid.
  • When using a q-tip and drawing along your brows, be careful about going against the grain – it will cause you to flick liquid around from the q-tip
  • Their product doesn’t claim to work on eyebrows or even balding in the front of your head, but it does. Where there are hair follicles, there will be potential of hair regrowth. So if you get some product in your eye, your eye will not grow hair. You might have a horrible reaction though.
  • I used minoxidil for men, not women. The percentage of minoxidil (the active ingredient) is usually 2% for women, and 5% for men.


Minoxidil Rogaine Thin Eyebrows
Minoxidil Rogaine Thick Eyebrows

Compared to five months ago, it’s safe to say I have pretty thick eyebrows now. I’m still using minoxidil once a day to maintain these eyebrows, but I imagine I could probably do it every other day.

I started out using Rogaine, but then I went to Kirkland’s brand of Minoxidil. It’s essentially the same thing, really.

Good luck, be careful, and happy growing!!


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I’m giving it a try on my eyebrows I hope it works! Your brows look great I hope to get a good result.


Are you still using it once a day? Your eyebrows look amazing?