Instant Miso Soup Powder Reviews

Instant miso soup powder is something I have started to use as a soup base for my ramen. It’s a quick, flavorful soup base that’s low in calories. I always did like miso soup in the past. I would usually order it at restaurants but never made it at home.

Six months ago, I began to buy plain ramen in bulk and instant miso soup powder to use a base. I would add some greens like bok choy or yu choy, and also some kind of protein like fish balls, or pork. It was delicious and filling. I have only tried three different brands of instant miso soup powder.


Main Types of Miso SoupInstant Miso Soup Powder Sushi Chef Shiro White

White Miso (Shiro Miso) – Fermented in a shorter period of time. The lightest tasting of the three.

Yellow Miso (Shinshu Miso) – Fermented longer than White Miso. Stronger tasting than white/Shiro miso.

Red Miso (Aka Miso) – Fermented longer than the other two, it’s usually the strongest tasting.


Instant Miso Soup Powder

I’ve tried four different types of instant miso soup powder from three different brands. Here is what I thought about each one.

Kikkoman Aka Miso Soup (Red Miso)

This was by far the most flavorful instant miso soup powder. Since it is red/aka miso, the strength of the flavor is expected.

This does contain MSG. At the time, I thought it was because of the MSG that made it extremely flavorful. However, it’s likely that it’s a combination of the type of miso, and the MSG that gave it it’s powerful flavor.

Kikkoman Spicy Kimchi Miso Soup (Red and White Miso)

This must be a new one since I can hardly find it on the internet. I found this in a grocery store in San Antonio, Texas.

As expected, it contains MSG. The flavorful is good, it isn’t overly strong like their aka/red miso soup, and it had more of a distinct flavor due to its kimchi addition. The miso soup is not at all spicy, but it is rather flavorful, and not in a bold or pungent kind of way.

Miso Soup Tofu Marukome (White/Shiro)

Although it’s the least flavorful of the three kinds of instant miso soup powder I’ve tried, it contains no MSG. This is a plus of course.

It’s hard to compare this white/Shiro miso with the Kikkoman brand since the only one I’ve tried is the red/aka miso, which, as I mentioned, is the strongest kind of miso. I would imagine that the white miso in the Kikkoman brand would still contain a little more flavor since it does have MSG; however, I cannot say for sure since I have not actually tried it.

Sushi Chef Miso Soup (White/Shiro)

My favorite instant miso soup powder of the three. It is extremely flavorful. It tastes as flavorful as the Kikkoman red/aka miso soup. The odd thing is, this is a white miso, which should be less strong than its red counterpart.

In addition, this product contains no MSG. The fact that it is strong, regardless of its miso type and the lack of MSG, I was definitely a fan.

Instant Miso Soup Powder Sushi Chef Shiro White Nutrition Label

It’s safe to say that Sushi Chef is my favorite brand of instant miso soup powder. Once I am done with my Sushi Chef miso, I will convert over to miso paste. Miso paste is much more popular than the powder, it seems, so I imagine it will taste even better.


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