July the 4th: The Moment I Realized I was an Adult

Moment I Realized I was an Adult

As a teenager back in the day, especially after I moved away to university, I thought what any other teen thought: Adults don’t understand. They think I’m just a kid. Never, ever did I think there came the moment I realized I was an adult.

I was Your Age Once

As I’ve gotten older these past few years, I see teenagers, and I think of how they are thinking the exact same thing I used to think when I was a kid.

Basically, whenever I heard an adult say “I was your age once,” I didn’t really understand, even though I thought I did.

You never really understand until you really become an adult. That’s when you really get a real feel for what it’s like to be an adult, and that’s when you really understand what it meant when you used to hear “I was your age once.” You’ll never understand until you become an adult yourself, and you’re able to step back and look at today’s youth.

I’m going to be 30 in a few short weeks, but when I finally realized that I was an adult, and the fun and games weren’t about me anymore, I was 27 years old.

Moment I Realized I was an Adult

Independence Day

It was July the 4th. I was with my husband at my mother-in-law’s place out in the country. My brother-in-law, his wife, and their four kids (about ages 10-16 at the time) were there as well. The charcoal grill was going, and we were just hanging out on the deck. We ate as we waited for night time to hit.

Growing up, we never did fireworks. I did a few fireworks in my early 20s when I used to party and have fun. I’ve also attended a few city-planned fireworks events such as during Canada Day.

So that night we laid out the fireworks on the ground. We set them up one at a time and mostly let the kids set them off. The adults set a few off too, but as I stood back a few times, watching my brother-in-law and his wife set up the fireworks for the kids to set off, that’s when it really hit me, and I realized I was no longer “a kid”. That was the moment I realized I was an adult.

Moment I Realized I was an Adult

Adult, but Not

To be more specific, because I’ve been thinking that I was an adult since forever, I didn’t realize it until that very moment that I hadn’t really been an adult at all. That moment was different than all the rest. Previously, there was no specific moment that made me think I was an adult. I “just was”.

But that particular moment, I watched those kids have fun playing with fireworks, and I realized I was an adult. I needed to start looking at myself that way in order to get the rest of my life together to really become an adult. I was 27, married, no kids, going back to college, no job, no house, just moved back home from living alone, and not even living in the same country as my husband yet (I was visiting).

Moment I Realized I was an Adult

Even though it was that moment I realized I was an adult, I also realized I wasn’t quite one yet. It was during that moment I realized I need to I need to sort the rest of my life out to become this adult I never was yet should be.




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