LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme (Made in New Zealand) Review

Is it just me, or is there something about a beauty product being made somewhere else other than North America that is just so intriguing?

Though I can’t recall exactly where I picked up the LANOLINÉ Argan LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme BoxOil Night Recovery Créme – I am certain it was at Marshall’s or Winners. I can’t remember because both companies are essentially the same to me – their unique products, the layout of the stores, the items they sell, the organized chaos…

Chances are, they may not be there anymore, but you can find it on Amazon or on Koru Naturals.

Oily Cream?

When I opened it, I didn’t expect it to be such an oily consistency; however, this is coming from a non-cream user. I normally use moisturizer, which a lighter consistency than cream. Creams are just too thick and oily of a consistency for my personal taste. Also, My skin type is normal to slightly combination but mainly normal.

LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme

The oiliness of the cream was not a surprise since it states it contains Argan oil and Jojoba oil on the front label. If you take a look at the ingredients below, there are several kinds of oils listed.

LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme Ingredients

I’ve been using this product for two months now, every night. I’ve gotten past the thick, oily consistency quite quickly. For someone who isn’t a cream user, I would say that’s pretty good.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me feel like my face is oily, but it does feel like I have something on my face compared to regular moisturizers I’ve used in the past. I wouldn’t say it’s a bothersome feeling – it just feels like my face is hydrated, as the product states.

What it Does for Your Skin

The front label of the Lanoliné Argan Oil Night Recovery Cream states that it hydrates your skin – simple as that.

On the box, it also says:

“LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme gently and naturally helps restore your skin’s elasticity and suppleness while smoothing fine lines.
Enriched with Natural Argan Oil and relaxing Chamomile and Jojoba oil, all combine to help hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while you rest.”

In short, its claims are that it will:

  • restore elasticity/suppleness
  • smooth fine lines
  • hydrate your skinLANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme Claims

Does it Live Up to its Claims?

Due to the hydration effect of the LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme, it does restore elasticity and suppleness to my skin, as well as smoothing fine lines.

How permanent are these youthful effects of the product? I cannot say for sure. As with most beauty products, it is likely only temporary. As soon as you stop using it, your skin will go back to how it was.

I’d like to think that if I stopped using the LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme, the effects would last a few days before my skin became normal again.

LANOLINÉ Argan Oil Night Recovery Créme


Overall, yes, I would recommend you to try it if you have normal/combination skin types. Perhaps it would be good for dry/oily skin too, but I can’t speak for those skin types.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. It definitely does what it claims to do, and I was surprised that the thick consistency didn’t bother me as much as I thought.

However, I do like trying different products until I find one I love. Also, I still would prefer a product with lighter consistency, so I will continue looking for that perfect product for my night routine.


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