A Letter to My Future Self

Dear My Future Self:

Future self, I hope you have excelled the way you always thought you could. I know there were things holding you back. Maybe they didn’t seem rational. Still, they made sense to you during that time. That was enough to hold you back.

You always thought you had potential, but you were always afraid to take an opportunity. You were always afraid to put yourself out there. Ultimately, you were always afraid of failure. Isn’t it failing, though, if you’re not even trying?

Future self, whatever you’re doing, even if it’s not up to society’s standards, if you made it with what you have, then it’s all you need to be happy.

The Braselton house will have been built by now. I hope you have enjoyed living in that home with Craig so far. I know how much you loved that island and how much you wanted to do some serious cooking in there.

ThLetter to My Future Self - Flying in an Airplanee plan was to move back to Canada after 5-10 years. It doesn’t seem that way anymore, and I’ve given up all hopes of moving back. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing except for all this drama with President Donald Trump… and that I miss my family.

I’ve already spent my 20s away from them. I’m going to spend my 30s away from them.

Future self, I hope you don’t spend your 40s away from them.

By this time, life is getting shorter…

I hope your parents are happy and as healthy as 70-year-olds can be. I hope you had that child that you always wanted but could never wrap your head around to having. Hopefully, that child has brought much laughter and happiness into all of your lives.Letter To My Future Self - Niagara Falls Ontario

Future self, I hope that you don’t regret anything. I know you regret a lot of things in your life right now. You regret not finishing University. You regret spending your 20s away from your home and family, with people you shouldn’t have been with. It may not be a lot of regrets, but they were expensive, time-consuming regrets.

Future self, I hope you learned to accept those regrets.


Your Present/Past Self.



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