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sitting on a bale of hay at a fair in beeville, texas

sitting on a bale of hay at beeville texas fair


I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to start a blog, or a “lifestyle blog”. Perhaps I’ve been spending more time on the internet lately, or perhaps it’s because of my new life change.

Probably both.



When the Idea First Crept into my Head…

I remember thinking I wanted to provide reviews for people – there are so many products I try to find reviews on, or comparisons between, and sometimes I am unable to find any information on it.

And the Idea Began to Evolve…

But then I thought, I don’t want to start a blog just for reviews. I thought to myself, maybe I’d start a lifestyle blog. It would be about beauty products and life in Texas.

As I did more research, (first, trying to differentiate wordpress.com and wordpress.org), I began to realize this could be a “serious thing”. There is still a lot to learn, but I am ready and willing.

From Canada to the USA

I have a hard time trying to get myself to find a job in Canada because I’m an anxious individual (which I will talk about in another post). On top of that, I just recently moved to South Texas.  So not only do I feel anxious about finding a job, but now I have to deal with the anxiety of that but in the US instead of Canada – which seems worse to me.

Starting a blog could be the beginning of something I love. Perhaps other opportunities would knock on my door if I was consistent and worked hard at this.


My blog will be about almost anything – my life, and anything I can share so that I can help anyone in any way possible – or simply for the reader’s own interest. Here are some topics that I will be blogging about:

  • Beauty products
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Anxiety
  • life posts, university, marriage, etc.

It’s going to be quite a learning process – I barely got my site running in three hours, but when I did, I was so relieved and happy. It probably sounds lame, but I am excited to begin this new journey. 🙂


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